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The Real Bluskie

We spoke to the young rapper BLUSKIE about his thoughts on the  2011 london riots: “I was a bit sketchy about that whole thing at first because  I didn’t know … Continue reading

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Introducing Motive

Hello and welcome to rise up motives 1st magazine made by young people for young people. What we’re here to tell you today is about young people’s issues which is … Continue reading

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Comparison page

picture 1 made by rise up students. picture 2 found in google The impact of picture 1 is that it uses a mirror as the mans guilt and feel bad … Continue reading

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Domestic violence page

I researched and found 5 difrent dometic violence posters online. http://www.kunbibalogun.comlwp-content/uploads/dometic-violence2.jpg This was found at ; The message in this is that the picture shows the person is experiencing a … Continue reading

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Focus Group

 Introduction  We were asked to survey the responses ton an anti-domestic violence campaign .we did this by hosting a focus group. What is a focus group?  A focus group is … Continue reading

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BNP Paribas Show case 29th march

on the 29th march rise up students (that’s me)  had to give a presentation on young people’s attitudes towards knife and gang crime. I think that the presentation went well … Continue reading

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Picture Film

This is a picture film made by the students of rise up . The film was a good challenge and it went quite well. The picture film is about a … Continue reading

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Surviving Our Street

The problem these days is that everybody wants respect and money. They expect to obtain respect and money through committing crimes and often knives are used in such crimes.  They … Continue reading

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