Youth Of Today Motive


Comparison page

picture 1 made by rise up students.

picture 2 found in google

The impact of picture 1 is that it uses a mirror as the mans guilt and feel bad that he was the one who did this to his wife while picture 2 is using a foreign cartoon  to show that people experience domestic violence everywhere in the world. In picture 1 shows a woman in the mirror trying to reflect the man who has been neglecting her there is a Bart-Simpson jumper in the background and a picture of the children in the far corner of the mirror . In picture 2 there  is a man beating his wife while 1 child is in her arm while the other child holding onto the fathers leg . Shes trying to stop her father from beating her mother and hurting her sibling in her mother’s hand. The effect in picture 1 is the word shatter in broken glass which is a metaphor for their relationship that makes the readers think that their relationship almost can’t be fixed while, in picture 2 it shows the man has no remorse for hurting his wife even in front of his children.both pictures are effective for the simple reason that they both show what everyone else doent she and that they should stop. Picture 1 appeals to men to stop what they are doing and call in and get help while picture 2 is for the women notto suffer in silence.


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