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Domestic violence page

I researched and found 5 difrent dometic violence posters online.


This was found at ;

The message in this is that the picture shows the person is experiencing a lot of pain and has a lot to say even though he or she is shouting nobody can hear or help them.

the images is just words painful words that she experiences.

It is effective because if you saw these words or someones said them to you , you would be shocked.

It appeals to adults , male or female.

This was found at ;,combord57c7551.jpg

This was found at;

The message in this photo is that people can hear domestic violence take place but nobody helps.

The image shows words coming out-of-place which sound can be heard through to the outside world.

This is effective because it makes you really stop and thing I actually can hear this sort of stuff a lot of the time and I shouldnt just ignore it

This is aimed at by standers and neighbours that can hear it going on

This was found at ;http;//


One comment on “Domestic violence page

  1. Jade Nicole Salamatin Querol
    February 9, 2014

    Domestic Violence!

    Domestic Violence is one of the serious problems in every society. It is a broad term which means “domestic abuse”— a behavior on which a person controls and dominates another human being who is an intimate relationship, whether a partner, children or relative. The most common abuses that are faced by the victims are: physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse. The purpose of such behavior is to manipulate and suppress the other’s will, which result the victim to frighten, intimidate, hurt, humiliate, blame or injure either physical or verbal assault.

    Women and children are the most common victims. One of the causes of this behavior is lack of literacy. We should be aware about our own rights in order to prevent those kinds of abuse by educating ourselves.

    Victims of these kinds of abuse can typically have serious impact on the way they think and interact with the world around them. They usually tend to move away from their family and friends. And most of the time, they suffer from self-isolation, where they are withdrawing their selves from companions and other forms of relationships in fear of being hurt and abused.

    A child who witnessed domestic violence between his parents will be traumatized resulting for him to act weird. Imagine a frightened child seeing his parents exactly at their worst fight by the time he needed them the most. The child’s life will be affected by how he acts or what he thinks. It can affect his thoughts, feelings and behavior against the world. He will actually start doubting the essence of values and violence. His socialization especially his education will not be prioritized because of this kind of manifestation. The child may have uncontrolled instinct to do whatever he wants no matter if it is right or wrong considering that he is not being guided by his parents who are busy with unhealthy things in family. Additional to that, the child will start on looking for the attention that is supposedly given by his own family members. Then it may be a way for the child to do rebellious acts against others, his new way of getting attention. But then, he may change his ways of living and insights in life with the help of his family specifically his parents. We know that the family is where a child molds his personality and behavior. Thus, it can be a source of his strength to survive in the society, but it can also be the root of violence that can affect him in a major way.

    The best option for people who suffer from any kinds of domestic violence is to break the relationship for it is useless to expect a behavior to calm down or change. It is possible to overcome such kind of painful reality in life, although it is a time-spending process of healing and developing strong positive outlook in order to bring back self’s true image. We are now in the 21st century and we are facing a changing world. Everyone should be competent in our own little ways in order for us to survive. Despite of the problems in our society, we should be aware on how to cope up with it and how to face it. We should know our own rights for us not to suffer and experience any kinds of these manifestations. Let us not tolerate those people on wrong doings. Thus, let us educate ourselves and at the same time apply the real principle of values and morality. We are not born to suffer, but to live a happy life.

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