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The brief was to find out how social media affects people and their social life.

Research methods

There are loads of different types of research like:

An experiment.An experiment is a method of testing – with the goal of explaining – the nature of reality. Experiments can vary from personal and informal (e.g. tasting a range of chocolates to find a favourite), to highly controlled (e.g. tests requiring complex apparatus overseen by many scientists hoping to discover information about subatomic particles). In this case we are using surveys and questionnaires to find out which one can really help your social life and which ones are just useless.

An observation .An observation can also be the way you look at things or when you look at something or how it is being perceived by others. i.e big brother but in this case a survey to see how they react.

one way we collect data was by using surveys more specifically qualitative & quantitative data. Qualitative data are used in surveys & questionnaires to collect quick numerical data.Quantative data is more detailed answers & specific responses i.e an interview.


what i did is i built up some questions that could be used to answer the brief by putting these questions into a survey.

How many times a week do you go on YouTube?

How many times have you uploaded a video yourself onto YouTube?

How many times have you disliked a video on YouTube?

How many times have you watched your favourite video on YouTube?

How many friends do you have on Facebook? How many do you know in person?

Do u use twitter? How many celebrities have you tweeted about?

Do you use BBM? How many group conversations have you entered since you have started using BBM?

How did you find out about YouTube?

what do you like about YouTube?

Why do you use Facebook?

Do you find Facebook particularly hard to use?  And why?

How do you think Facebook could be improved?

What do you dislike about twitter?

What makes BBM better to use than any other social networking sites?

Does social networking improve your social life?


we asked all the above questions and these were the results we came up with.


What was good with my survey is that I asked a variety of ages to give me more overall answers within my survey.  Also I gave myself enough time to survey everyone so I could clearly understand what they were trying to say and so than my questions made sense.

what didn’t go so well was That I assumed that everyone had the social networking sites that I asked about.

what I would do more differently next time is that I would ask my questions to more random people than family and friends because that’s only one type of people and can be considered bias data.

I have learnt the difference between Quantitative & Qualitative data. That quantitative data is directly to do with numbers and surveys & that qualitative is to do with the 5 w’s and detailed answers i.e. interview  .




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