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Focus Group


 We were asked to survey the responses ton an anti-domestic violence campaign .we did this by hosting a focus group.

What is a focus group?

 A focus group is a group which is created by using specific people to find out what they think of an object, image, subject or person.

 What was done?

 We showed the group two images. Once they had looked at the image they were then asked to recall what they saw. The same thing for the radio broadcast. They listened to the broadcast then were asked to recall what they heard.


 These where the questions they were asked:

1. What is it about?

• Domestic violence

• Good layout

2. What is the message?

• Anti-domestic violence

• Aimed at men

• Old and young people can experience

3.who is it aimed at?

4. Is it effective?

5. Who would it appeal to most?

• Men

6. What do you feel about the message?

• That they should “break free”

• Looking at yourself in the mirror

• Shattering mirror, shattering relationship

7. What do you feel about the design?

• Message is clearly imagery

• Props all deliberate

• Good


 I think this advert was effective because it uses mirror as a way to reflect what the man has done to the woman which makes the man feel guilty after every time he looks in the mirror. This could be used inside public transport i.e. bus, train & coach. It can also be used in toilets and on walls such as posters in west end.


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