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The Real Bluskie

We spoke to the young rapper BLUSKIE about his thoughts on the  2011 london riots:

“I was a bit sketchy about that whole thing at first because  I didn’t know what to say or what not to say, but if I’m honest with you  I saw the whole thing outside my house at the time, this is before I moved out to where I live now. My house at the time was right across the road from where it happened, so these times I’m walking back from the station with my girl and that whole scenario was happening. So I knew from day one what a lot of people were saying like there was no gun and all that stuff it gives you a different view on things because you can see what’s actually happening, you can see how the media put it across. How the media as soon as like he got shot the media put it like, ah yeah, like he had a gun trying to find any derogatory picture they could of him, trying to make him look like a thug when realistically, when the truth came out what actually happened there was loads of eye witnesses, loads of people saw what happened, when the truth came out you saw how the media changed things. Started putting up more socially acceptable pictures and not making him look like a thug and make him look like a good guy and stuff. So what I thought of the riots, what I didn’t respect was everybody went smashing up peoples business’s, you can’t be doing that but, the fact of making a point that you cant do this, don’t think you can just kill people from a certain area and get away with it just because your police all day all day, I saw that I know exactly what happened.”


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