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Hard Facts

 The harsh reality of life is that: In 2007 – 27 Teenagers were stabbed to death in London. The first fatal stabbing that happened in the UK in 2008 was … Continue reading

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Victims Point Of View

Knife and gang crime is becoming a problem all over London and I personally see and hear about this every day from other young people and from family and friends.  … Continue reading

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Hope For The Future

As part of the Rise Up program we have attended a number of workshops ran by Surviving our streets (SOS). These works shops highlighted the rise of crime on our … Continue reading

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Education / Knife Crime

A lot of teenagers in school are affected by gangs/knife crime. Some of them don’t feel safe in school because of other teenagers. Here are some statistics about exclusions linked … Continue reading

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Why Do Young People Join Gangs?

  Young people join gangs for different reasons. Some join gangs to feel powerful or  stronger than everybody else.  Some teenagers who have problems with other young people may join … Continue reading

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Introducing Motive

Hello and welcome to rise up motives 1st magazine made by young people for young people. What we’re here to tell you today is about young people’s issues which is … Continue reading

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